Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Big Trip to Auckland!

Last Monday I went to Auckland with my family for a holiday trip.  We went to lots of places, and one of them was the Auckland Museum, as well as McDonalds and Smiggle.

This was the big elephant. That was really cool seeing it. 

This was in the big bird part. This was one of the biggest birds there!!!!!! 

The big dead slug was Yuk! 

And this is an old war tunnel which they hid to fight (we went to North Head and Mount Victoria to explore these). 

ALL the kids liked looking in the big dark tunnels. 

This was a big grassy place with metal mushrooms and that’s me sitting on one. 

This is me with the chipmunks at the movie theatre.     

I loved going to Auckland!!


  1. Well Miss Jade sounds as if you had a wonderful time visiting Auckland, we haven't been to the Museum since we went with your Dad many years ago, did you take the photos?. What fun you had among the mushrooms. Not long now and you will be back at school.

  2. Hi May May Its Nanee, just saying Hi on your blog.I just love your photos and your very cool, cute site! I will visit it often to see what youre up to. You are so brave, beating your Nan to a blog site!
    Have a cool day xxx
    Love Nanee.

  3. Wow looks like you had a fun time!!